Weekly Residential Lawn Care Maintenance Services

Our Lawn Care Maintenance Services start from at $30/per week plus HST.

We offer weekly lawn mowing, lawn cutting services from April 15th to October 15th

We mow your lawn, string trim, edge and power blow your driveway and walkways of grass clippings. We mulch and leave grass clipping on your lawn.

For an additional fee we can bag and dispose of grass clippings.

We mow the grass to 3 inches or 76 millimetres (unless you, the customer specifies different.)

Besides Lawn Mowing, other Services We Offer

  • Grass Cutting

    Lawn Fertilizing

    Aerating and Overseeding

    We offer a granular slow release fertilizer program. We can fertilize your lawn up to three times per year.

    Do you have damaged grass or bare spots? We can fix it and get it looking beautiful again. We apply top soil and grass seeds, then all you have to do is keep it moist for the next three weeks. If your lawn is looking a little thin we can aerate, overseed and fertilize to get it looking lush again.

  • Mulch Installation

    Garden Mulch Installation

    Flower Bed Service and Planting

    We install any type of wood based garden mulch, around trees or in your flower beds at your request.

    We cleanup your flower beds by removing dead flowers, pulling weeds, trimming small perennials, cultivating the soil and edging the flower bed. As options we can add fertilizer, garden soil, maintain them throughout the warm seasons and plant annual and/or perennial flowers and plants.

  • Leaf Cleanup

    Hedge and Shrub Trimming

    Spring and Fall Leaf Cleanup

    Overgrown Hedges or Shrubs? We keep your hedges/shrubs looking their best. (we service hedges/shrubs up to 7 feet).

    Our Fall Leaf Cleanup service is offered between October 16th and November 30th. Our Leaf Cleanup service includes power blowing, raking (when necessary) and bagging of fallen leaves from your entire property including your flower beds. The yard waste bags are left by your house side wall, at your curb, or as you specify, ready for municipal pick up.

About Us

We are a family owned and operated business.

Prime Lawn Care London is owned and operated by the hard working and professional De Marco family. We are dependable and strive to meet your lawn care needs.

We Service the Northern Part of London, Ontario neighbourhoods.

Our area of service is East of Hyde Park Road to Veterans Memorial Parkway, Just North of Sunningdale Road to Commissioners Road.

All services are prepaid monthly or due at the time of service.

We accept cash and E-Transfers.

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